The most used word in describing the island is peaceful.  There are very few disturbances for those who live and visit the island.  One could spend the day watching freighters and sail boats navigate through the straits or relaxing lakeside The wildlife is diverse and populated; including deer, rabbits, loons, cranes, and hummingbirds.  There are six inland lakes on this small island and they are said to be great for catching bass, northern pike, walleye pike and bluegill.


Most of the island is inhabited with fields of wildflowers, deciduous trees, and forests of white and norway pines making it perfect to immerse yourself in the natural beauty.  It is the perfect environment for fields of Dwarf Lake Irises and Lilac bushes.  Over 50% of the island  is state a owned forest preserve and it is sparsely inhabited by people making it  a truly natural environment.



As a tourist, I find this place great for taking pictures. Great colors and elements of composition. Don’t miss the fall foliage, it’s spectacular!

                                      Mike Mayers
                                      Annual visitor island





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