Grants Awarded

2018  Coast Guard Chapel for the repair of the original "Equipment Building" doors,  Health & Safety Committee for 5 Bleed Control kits and one AED for the airport, Table and trash can at Marina Pocket Park, and Educational Grant to Grant Spray to attend Lake Superior State University.

2017 Replacement of Museum front door and new tent for story hour, Fire Fighter Training I & II, and student mosaic frame in Wagner Hall.

2016 Museum Flag Pole, Additional First Responder Training and Pines sidewalk restoration

2015 First Responder Training for BBI Volunteer Firefighters

2014 First Responder training for the Bois Blanc Island Volunteer Fire Department.

2013 A formal request was received for the purchase of defibrillators for use in strategic places around the Island. The request was granted and $6000 was granted to the Township for purchase.


2012 A formal request was received from the East End community for help in the purchase and construction of a building to house the East End fire equipment. The BBICF awarded $1200 for this project which will help to protect the East End of Bois Blanc Island.

2011 A formal request in 2010 was made by the East End community for help with a well project that was being considered for fire fighting at that end of the island. The well has been put in and is operational at this time. This well provides easy access for pumper fire trucks to refill their tanks. The BBICF awarded $1500 to this very worthwhile project.

2010 The Bois Blanc Island historical Society and Museum requested help with the cost of a new roof. The foundation approved a gift of $2000 to the roof project.

2009 It was requested by the users of the Hoover Community Building that the Bois Blanc Island Community Foundation purchase two air conditioning units for the building. This award of $2338.00 has been granted. Future square dances, meetings, receptions, coffee hours and much more will soon be able to enjoy a cool oasis during the warm summer months. Remaining funds will be used to purchase a sign for the Mary's Lake area to name all who contributed to that very worthwhile project.

2008 The Bois Blanc Island Historical Society & Museum requested the funds to purchase “PastPerfect” software. The program is an integrated software package used by museums worldwide. This is a database program allowing the museum to inventory and catalog their entire collection with specific details including photographs, condition, name of donor, history of item and its use, value and more. PastPerfect is being purchased in July 2008 with the funds granted by the BBICF. The Historical Society & Museum is paying for and sending Mike White to training sessions on July 22 thru 25, 2008 in East Lansing. The Historical Society & Museum will also be purchasing through donations a digital camera to help implement the program.

2007 It was requested by Chris McAfee that a cart be purchased by the Foundation for weekly use by the nurse practitioner who serves the Bois Blanc Island community.

2006  Led by Lee Maynard, a group of volunteers from the community cleared and cleaned up Gibson Park. Once the clean up was completed, Wendy Spray, teacher of the Pointe aux Pins School, requested benches be purchased by the BBIC Foundation so that those wandering through the park would have places to rest and enjoy their surroundings. Four cedar benches were hand crafted by island resident, Dave Lewis. The total cost of the benches was $1000.00


The BBICF welcomes any and all ideas for the benefit of Bois Blanc Island. Grant requests may be sent to any director on the board of the BBICF. All requests must include the following:

  • What is specifically wanted and where is it to be located
  • The rationale of how this award will benefit the entire Bois Blanc Island community
  • The entire cost of the project including equipment, labor, shipping
  • The company, group, individual who will be installing/setting up the purchased items if applicable
  • The coordinator(s) of the project
  • Permission from the Township, county or other groups if necessary

All grant requests must be in writing and must be received by the Board of Directors of the BBICF on or before June 30th. Grants will be reviewed by the BBICF grant committee and recommendations will be made to the BBICF board at the August meeting for decision.




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